What makes Sub Station II an appealing and exciting enterprise?

Sub Station II offers a multitude of selection: more than a dozen different sandwiches as well as salads, gyros, side items and dessert.

Quality and Quantity:
The quality and quantity of a meal at Sub Station II is unmatched when compared to many other food service chains. Your customers will leave your establishment feeling satisfied that they received a premium product at a fair price.

Smooth Operations:
The operation of your Sub Station II franchise is simplistic and streamlined. There is no cooking! Only the most modern equipment is used and it can be easily operated and maintained.

Product Freshness:
Volume buying guarantees that each Sub Station II franchise receives the best and freshest products at the lowest possible prices.

Local and/or regional marketing promotions allow all franchisees to participate at a minimal cost when compared to promoting one individual restaurant.

Each Sub Station II franchisee operates within an exclusive territory. We work closely with our franchisees to help identify the optimum site, be it a shopping center, food court, free-standing building, or co-tenancy in a convenience store. We will assist in site negotiations to obtain the most reasonable terms for the lowest possible rental rates.

No experience is required to become a Sub Station II franchisee. We assume you do not know anything about our business and provide you with a thorough pre-opening training program as well as in-store support at the time of opening. Your Sub Station II Operations Manual will be your textbook as well as your business manual for later reference.
Note: This information is not intended as an offer to sell, or to solicit an offer to purchase, a franchise. It is for informational purposes only. An offer to sell a franchise is only made in conjunction with the delivery to you of a Federal Franchise Disclosure Document. In addition, certain states have laws regulating the sale of franchises, and require franchisors to register in such states, or meet other legal requirements, prior to offering franchises for sale. If you are a resident of one of these states, we may not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with your state's applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements. Please call us for information on our ability to sell franchises in your state.
Sub Station II is a quality franchise that is available at an affordable price, and our franchisees are a select group of energetic people who desire to be successful in their own business. With Sub Station II you have a registered trademark and collective buying power. Sub Station II provides you with the systems, knowledge and support to get your business off to a successful running start. Our ongoing support continues with newsletters, regular store visits, and regional and annual meetings.